It’s Great to be a Florida Gator

As this semester comes to end, I’m finding myself reminiscing about all of the great times I’ve had here at UF and in the College of Journalism and Communications. From Gator football games to assisting in the production of live shots for the broadcast of First at Five and actually being the reporter in a live shot, I’ve made the best of my time here at UF and have truly enjoyed every moment and opportunity I’ve had while here. Here are some highlights of my career while in college:

Being part of the production team for the First at Five newscast. When I first learned about the production opportunities offered through the CJC (College of Journalism and Communication) I was so excited to be a part of a student-based crew that would work together every day to bring a live newscast to our viewers. Since being on the production crew I have been a camera operator and a graphics coordinator and I have enjoyed every second of it. I was also able to assist in the production of this year’s Homecoming Parade and learned a lot about how much it takes to put on a live show AWAY from the studio – I’ve never seen so many wires in my entire life! Also, through the opportunities available to students, I was able to meet Olympic swimmer Elizabeth Biesel and see the medals she won during the 2012 Olympics! It was such a cool experience – one I’ll definitely never forget!

Being a reporter for WUFT. I’ve learned so much throughout this semester in my TV2 class. We’ve learned how to interview the key players in our news stories as well as edit an entire package together to be aired later that same day for our live newscast. I’ve been able to report on a number of different stories, one of those stories being a live simulation drill of a plane crash that took place at the Gainesville Regional Airport in October.

Interviewing a Firefighter at the live simulation drill and Gainesville Regional Airport

Interviewing a Firefighter at the live simulation drill at the Gainesville Regional Airport

Making new friends. I’m so glad to say that through my almost four years in college, I have been able to make some wonderful friends, especially through the CJC. Everyone I meet helps me grow both as a reporter and just as a person in general. I’m so lucky that I am able to go to class and know everyone’s name and spend time with people outside of class. Learning both the production and news side of things has really helped me to understand that both parts of the team are extremely important and that they must work hard and work together in order to produce a quality piece of news that we could all be proud of. I’m so happy to have met these people and to have had the opportunity to work along side them for the past couple of years!

All in all, I’m so blessed to have been able to experiences the things I have and to have the opportunities I have been given. I’m also blessed to go to a university where our resources are endless and where we have access to so many different things in our college, right on campus. The Center for Media Innovation + Research has really allowed me to grow as a Telecommunication student. I’ve spent most of my days since my sophomore year of college in the 21st Century News Laboratory, getting hands-on experience in both the radio and television worlds. I’ve also spent quite of bit of time in AHA! The Innovation CoLab, where I’ve studied for exams, met for group projects and attended meetings. I’m so grateful to be a Florida Gator and I’m especially grateful to be a UF Telecommunications student!!

It's Great to be a Florida Gator!

It’s Great to be a Florida Gator!


The Tipping Point

I don’t get to read that often, but I when I do I really enjoy the books that I do read. This week I had the pleasure, and the time, to read a book titled The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. This book was filled with a lot of interesting information about things that I had never even really thought about before. For those who haven’t had the chance to read the book, here are a few highlights:

Throughout the book, Gladwell talks about three agents of change. He lists them in the very beginning of the book and then dedicates a chapter to each agent of change in order to explain it more thoroughly. They are:

  1. The Law of the Few: This law says that a small percentage of people do the majority of the work, in any type of situation; one person can find out about a trend and “through social connections and energy and enthusiasm and personality,”they can spread the word about an event or fashion trend or even spread an epidemic. Here is an example from the book: an epidemic in Colorado Springs occurred and through some research it was found that there were only 168 people causing the epidemic to grow and spread throughout the population, therefore only a tiny portion of the population was contributing the the growth of the epidemic.
  2. The Stickiness Factor: Stickiness means that a particular message gets stuck in your head. This factor has the quality to urge people to look closely at an idea, concept or a specific product. An example used in the book is Wendy’s tag line “Where’s the beef?” Another example is the show Blue’s Clues, because the show was very entertaining, children were watching the show and were receiving educational content – in other words what they were talking about on the show got stuck in the kid’s heads and they learned new information.
  3. The Power of Context: This third agent of change says that human beings are extremely sensitive to their environments, more-so than they may think they are. Here’s an example  that was given in the book of this kind of situation: More people will report that they saw smoke coming out of a door when they are on their own as opposed to when they are in a group. Gladwell says that when in a group people assume someone else from the group will make the call or assume that because no one else is trying to fix the problem, it is not important.

If you’d like to read more in detail about several examples for each of these agents of change, you should go out and purchase your own copy of the The Tipping Point – you’ll be glad you did! Hopefully this quick synopsis gives you a better idea of what the Law of Few, the Stickiness Factor and the Power of Context are. Make sure you give this book a read – it’s bound to change your life in one way or another!

The People You’re Surrounded By…Part Two

As I stated in my previous blog post, I’m surrounded by the best of the best when it comes to my peers. I’m learning so much from them, even if we do have different interests…

  • Shane Chernoff is a reporter for WUFT-FM and a co-host on ESPN 850’s show, the Cheap Seats, where he and his other co-hosts discuss what’s going on in the world of sports. In his blog, Good Eats in the Ville, he talks about all of the different places to eat in Gainesville – from healthy food options to food from around the globe that you can get right here in this college town of ours.
  • Amanda Di Lella is a speciality anchor for WUFT-TV and has interned with NBC Miami multiple times, gaining experience in different fields each time she completes an internship. Throughout her blog, At Home Healthy Habits, Amanda posts updates on how well she’s eaten during a certain month, as well as different tips for meal preparations and food ideas that readers would be able to try at any time.
  • Lauren Rautenkranz is a reporter and anchor for WUFT-TV and is also a weather forecaster for WUFT-TV and WRUF-TV 6 Weather. In her blog, Life With Lauren, she describes different events that she’s attended and has been involved in, as well as what happens in her everyday life.

Hope you all will take a look at their work – all of us are extremely dedicated to pursuing our dreams and everyday we’re one step closer to achieving them!


The People You’re Surrounded By…

They say you’re most like the people you’re surrounded by – those who you spend a lot of time with. Being a Telecommunications student allows you to meet many people, and I’m proud to say I surrounded by the best of the best. All of my peers force me to work harder in order to achieve my goals.

Some of my peers and I have very similar interests – one of those similar interests being entertainment news and movies.

  • Rachel Stern is currently an entertainment news anchor for WUFT and has had many encounters with different celebrities, such as Joel McHale, the host of The Soup on E! and Kevin James, who can be seen in movies such as Grown Ups and Hitch. If you’d like to see more of Rachel’s encounters with different celebrities, visit her blog, Stalkarazzi.
  • Lisa Greenberg is also an entertainment news fan. She’s reported for WUFT-FM and WUFT-TV while at the University of Florida and interned with Fox 13 in Tampa, which is actually where I was born! In her blog, Snack&Style, Lisa talks about what’s going on with different celebrities – such as when Kim Kardashian got engaged and Kelly Clarkson got married – as well as different foods and clothing items she’s loving!
  • Jillian Brynne and I also have a common interest – movies. I absolutely love watching movies and learning about the actors that star in them. Through her blog, The Movie Manic, she discusses different movies that are out, posts videos of interviews with actors/actresses, such as Sandra Bullock, and posts videos of trailers for upcoming movies. This blog keeps you up to date on all the new movies debuting and even gives you a summary of the movie so you know what to expect!

I’m so glad I get to be surrounded by people everyday who make me a better person – I couldn’t have asked for a better college experience!

A Short Biography

Ever wonder who the person is writing blogs on the internet? Where they come from and what they’ve done with their life? Well you’re about to find out more about this blogger right here, today.

My name is Ashley Goodus and I was born in Tampa, Florida. I am an only child, but I have many close friends who feel like family. I am currently a senior studying Telecommunications at the University of Florida in Gainesville. The past three, almost three and a half, years have gone by so quickly that I can’t even believe that I will be graduating in the spring – and looking for a job! I love dancing, photography, working out and hanging out with my friends and family. My family is very important to me and we are extremely close with one another. My extended family lives in a variety of different places – Texas, California, Indiana, New Zealand and Florida.

While here at the University of Florida, I’ve been able to get involved in many things in the Journalism and Communications College. Whether it’s reporting on stories that will air on our live newscast, editing videos, operating cameras or creating graphics I always have the best time learning new things and working with a great group of people. If you want to learn more about some of the things I’ve done, take a look at my resumé.

One of my favorite things to do is workout, hence the topic for this blog! Whether it’s taking group fitness classes at my local gym, completing a workout DVD at home, or just by simply tracking my daily activity by using my Fitbit or an app that I downloaded on my phone, I always try to move around for a good hour a day. It really helps me decompress and helps to relieve any stress I may have.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit more about me!



I’ve done quite a few things while here at the University of Florida, but only recently have I started blogging. I’m so happy that this is something that I will be able to add to my resumé and that I get to write about something I am passionate about. If you’d like to see some of the other things I’ve done visit my website, Ashley Goodus, and take a look at my resumé. I Hope everyone is enjoying the posts on Stronger Than Before and be sure to look for more entries next week!

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” -Earl Nightingale

Gym Clothing

In one of my earlier posts, I talked about some of the important things you should remember to bring with you when you hit the gym! Here are a few clothing options for different types of gym activities.

  • Yoga. Clothing for yoga should be loose and flowing. You don’t want to wear anything to restricting because you will be moving around and stretching a lot. It’s important that you wear clothing items that are comfortable to you. In yoga you do not wear shoes, but you can wear socks. Socks with grips on the bottom are preferable so you won’t slip on your yoga mat!
  • Running. Clothing for running should be lightweight, since you don’t want anything weighing you down while you run! I prefer to wear either pants or capri pants when I run, but you can run in shorts too if you’re more comfortable that way. A tank top or just a sports bra are both good things to wear while running because they won’t make you as hot. If you’re running outside you should also try to dress in lighter colors because you will be in direct sunlight.
  • Cycling. Clothing for cycling should be lightweight as well. It is recommended that you not wear shorts while cycling, because you will be on a bike and will be producing a decent amount of sweat, and it’s just not as comfortable as wearing capris or pants. Good shoes are important as well! If you having cycling shoes, that’d be even better!

Now that you know what to wear, go sign up for those gym classes!